Remembering Faisal Siddiqui

our Dearest Friend, Brother and Active Member of Pakswissians Alumni Mr. Faisal Siddqui of 26th batch who got injured during violence in Karachi on Friday 13th June 2009 could not survive and passed away at the young age of 35 on 16th June 2009.

Faysal was dedicated professional and was working with Private Engineering Firm as a Project Manager and was returning home from work when he suffered the bullet shot by some unknown protestors , who were protesting against suicidal attack in Lahore.

Faisal had friendly nature, honest and sincere to his work, always jubilant and quick wit and make people smile by his presence. He was always ready to help People around him no matter what time it was.

May Allah give him peace and give him an excellent place in Janat-Ul Firdus.

(Please recite Sorah Fateh for Faisal Siddqui and share this message to Pakswissians )

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